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Monday, June 14, 2010


I am really frustrated with these classes I am taking. Both professors gave us TONS of homework, knowing it was an accelerated class, where they squeeze everything in the four weeks. They both gave us work to do that's due even tomorrow! So now I have to go to class all day until 4, come home and do homework until bedtime.

But what I am really upset about was I had this goal for myself to workout and lose weight. when I signed up for these two classes, I had 2 hours in between classes to eat and do whatever else. So I went to the Y, which is 5 mins. away and signed up for a summer membership. Paid $112 for three months. Then I get to my afternoon class, all happy and ready because I was able to go the Y and get a long workout in, and our Professor asks if he can move the class up to start 45 mins earlier. I spoke up and explained what I had planned and I had dropped over a hundred dollars on a Y membership that's nonrefundable. Still, he said, "See if you can be here at 12:30." The class isn't supposed to start till 1:15. HIs argument is that if he starts earlier, we would get out of class earlier. But the reason I wanted to do it at lunch was to get my energy up for the afternoon (I am sleepy after lunch) and so that I didn't have to worry about rush hour traffic and the rush of people going to the Y after work. I also don't think I can workout after class because of the amount of homework he and the other teacher gave. I will not have a moment of free time.

I am seriously thinking about dropping the class so that I can still do my workout after my morning class. But then I will just have another class to take during the school year, which is even more of a pain!

Also, and maybe I am just emotional right now, I think I made a mistake in getting the hedgehog. He's not friendly at all. Hisses at me when I get near the cage. Won't come out at all. He stinks, and he poops A LOT. I know it's a new pet, and I just got him and all that, but I really don't know if I can deal with trying to bond while I have this class madness going on. And I don't want to admit to anyone else (like Derek) that I made a mistake. I spent $120 on him, and I really don't feel like he's the right pet.
So of course that makes me want to cry.

Sorry, I know in the grand scheme of life, these things aren't that big of deals. I know I am probably dramatizing a bit. but thanks for asking and listening. If you have any comments/advice/suggestions, by all means, give it to me!

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